Works List

Chronological Works List

Circle of Light (2019) 4:30 for SSAA choir

Aeolian Plains: The Big Hollow (2019) ca 7:00 for solo piano

The Long Road (2019) ca 4:00 for trumpet in C and piano

Locust: An Environmental Murder Mystery (2018) 55:00 – chamber opera for soprano, tenor, baritone and Pierrot ensemble (flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion)

The Wind for violin duo (2018) 5:40

Life in the Leaves (2018) for saxophone quartet, 4:40

The Bear and the Eclipse (2017) for string quartet and bass, 6:30

Carnival of the Microbes for chamber orchestra, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion ca 20:00

Clinker: Between an Opera and a Hard Place (Opera in Progress) “Powder River” aria for soprano, violin, viola, cello, bass, and percussion ca 5:00

Clinker: Between an Opera and a Hard Place (Opera in Progress) “Fractures” for baritone, violin, viola, cello, bass, and percussion ca 5:00

I Have Loved the Stars for SATB choir and string quartet ca 6:00

Three Paintings (2013) for woodwind quintet, ca 10:00

Songs from the Book of Frank for soprano, bass clarinet, and piano, ca 7:15

Cerrado (2012) for two clarinets in B-flat, ca 4:15

Noturna para Goiás (2012) for string orchestra and piano, ca 6:00

Mechanations (arr. of chamber music version, 2012) for symphonic winds, 6:15

Pride Parade (2012) for mixed chorus, ca 3:00

Things Bright (2011) for string trio (vl, vla, vc), 6:55

Scenes of Love and Hate (2010) viola soloist and orchestra, 13:00

Carnival of the Microbes for chamber orchestra (fl, cl, strings, piano, percussion), 20:00

Conigli (2010) flute and piano, 6:42

Bozzetti di Guzzo (2010) solo flute, 6:29

Ci Piacciamo (2010) incidental theater music, solo clarinet, 30:00

Color of Honey (2010) two clarinets, 4:51

Songs I Learned from the Wind (2010) arr. for mezzo-sop. and string orchestra, 8:20

Timelines (2009) for trombone and reader, 9:04

Haddayr Blogs (2008-2009) for soprano, flute, clarinet, and piano, 18:00

Jazz Professor Glasses (2008–2010) for solo trumpet, 5:50

The Toughest Cowboy (2008) opera for children – soloists, chorus, and piano, 40:00

Fanfare for Mountains and Peace (2007) for symphony orchestra, 6:23

Seeking Ithaca (2007) for alto saxophone and piano, 11:00

Two Pieces for Clarinet (2007) for solo clarinet, 9:02

Songs I Learned from the Wind (2006) for mezzo-soprano and string quartet 8:20

Three Themes from Wyoming Voices (2006) for symphony orchestra, 5:00

Day After Yesterday (2005) for solo piano, 6:27

Henry’s Wives (2004) —incidental music for theatre, clarinet and guitar, 2 hours

Alice Suite (2004) arr. for electric violin and mixed percussion, 7:36

Wyoming Voices (2004) soundtrack to three hour Wyo. Public Television documentary – symphony orchestra and small, mixed chamber ensembles

Sonata from Water (2004) for viola and piano, 7:18

Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Symphony (2003), 9:00

Colored Hills (2002) for solo clarinet, 6:25

Sword of Judith (2001) for symphony orchestra, 13:01

When Angels Scoured the Prairie (2001), arr. for string octet, 8:01

Tango No. 1 (2001) for violin, viola, piano, 8:31

Portrait for Cello and Piano (2001), 11:46

Bug Dances in F (2001) for piccolo and clarinet, 5:57

Suite from the Visit (2000) for wind symphony, 15:00

Anaktoria (2000) for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, and piano, 4:23

Acme All-Purpose Percussion Sonata (2000) for solo mixed percussion, 8:27

Duo for Clarinet and Viola (2000), 7:00