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    “Circle of Light” (2019)

    “Circle of Light” (2019) is a SSAA Choral work written in celebration of the anniversary of women’s suffrage movement. It was commissioned by the Equipoise Fund for the 150th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Wyoming. The text is by Ann McCutchan, and the work was used in the 2019 Caldera Productions/Wyoming Public Media documentary State of Equality. (Duration: 4:30)  Read More
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    I Have Loved the Stars for SATB chorus and string quartet (A cappella version available)

    I Have Loved the Stars (2014) for SATB choir uses excerpted text from the poem “The Old Astronomer” by 19th Century English poet, Sarah Williams, “Sadie” (1841–1868). (Duration: 5:40) Prices for one copy each / one choir member eachRead More
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    Carnival of the Microbes for symphony orchestra – four movements

    Employing a similar instrumentation  to Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals (minus one of the two pianos,) each movement of Carnival of the Microbes uses a defining characteristic of a particular tiny creature to create a musical rule. Four different microbes are the inspiration for this orchestral work.  (Duration: ca 15:00)
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    Fanfare for Mountains and Peace (2007)

    Fanfare for Mountains and Peace (2007) is a short orchestral work celebrating the connections between North and South America. (Duration: 6:23) Read More
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    The Long Road (2019)

    The Long Road (2019)— The long road (I-80, across the wide open West) has been a migration route for animals and people for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This is a short piece for trumpet and piano about the wonder, nature, and history of traveling that stretch of highway. (Duration: 4:50) Read More
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    The Wind: Reconciliation (2018) for two violins

    The Wind (2018) is a duet for violins that begins in a way that feels distant and estranged, but that searches for resolution as the work progresses. The work was premiered at the Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison in Georgia and was commissioned by violinist Holly Mulcahy and the non-profit groups Arts Capacity, (Duration: 5:46) Read More
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    Things Bright

    Things Bright (2011) for violin, viola, and cello—refers to the constant motion and energy of my former backyard chickens, which were a continual source of joy and humor for me... (Duration: 6:55)Read More